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Assessing the impact of long term COVID-19


A survey aimed at capturing and sharing information about the effects of this illness, on those who have lived with it longer than initially anticipated.
  • "Sharing" first and most importantly with the patients themselves.
  • Responses provided are anonymous so that "sharing" may also include any and all who have the intention of contributing to healing those with this illness.
  • More is known at present than months ago. It is less "novel" but much about this illness is different and much remains unknown or unexplained.
  • Hopefully, responses here will help to usefully fill the void that remains while encouraging compassionate care.
  • Who is doing this?

Your answers will serve :

- to add clarity to and organize your own thoughts about this illness
- to allow comparisons with others who have this illness
- to provide answers to questions being often asked individually, but answered here by many
- to provide insights for those who are faced with the task of curing this illness
- to gather together in one place, through your responses, a piece of what is known
- to give those affected with this illness a timeline for recovery
- to suggest what is still unknown, and serve as an incentive to further learning
- to provide clues as to what works, to move all who are ill towards recovery.

Who gets the responses ?

  • First and foremost, those who gave the answers !  After completing the Questionnaire, you get to see how others answered up to that time and date.
  • Anyone who has this illness and wants to know more. Answers will be presented here on this site in an easy to understand format. If you are going to respond to our questionnaire, it makes sense to only review how others answered after !  It's not a test. There are no right answers.
  • Anyone who can communicate a project or protocol they are working on, and which would benefit those still suffering with COVID-19, could get the results. Results would not include any identifying information from respondents. When feeling poorly, no one needs a call or emails from a drug salesperson.

About the Questionnaire

  • It attempts to be thorough, inclusive and thereby provide good and adequate information.
  • So it's not 3 questions. Including our final Thank You!, it's 59 questions.
  • Those where the questionnaire is managed (SurveyMonkey), suggests it takes 27 minutes. That will seem long to some. To others reasonable, given the large amount of information obtained. What else can we say?
  • Well, we can say: "Have a look!" And soon, it will be translated into other languages.
  • Don't expect to find hundreds of responses presented here today or tomorrow. It's formulation was in early September, put into use 12 Sept., and as of 19 October, 113 individuals with presumed "Long-term" COVID-19 had responded. (Thanks again to these for their participation!)
  • Answers to the Questionnaire will be posted on this page.   <<<<<<<<
  • As of October 19,  10 preliminary reports have been provided about results of testing, changes in weight, sources of emotional support, resilience, quality of life perceptions, the balance of physical and emotional symptoms, levels of limitation of physical activity, and other analyses of answers provided. Through these, a better understanding of how "long-term" COVID-19 actually presents, begins to come into focus. These are the patients telling their story. Thanks again!


Why is it on this site ?

  • Because intends to do just that. To call out to those still with active disease, but also to those who are (thankfully) better, even if it took a while. They are now experts, and their advice and experience are needed to move others towards healing.
  • Those with Long-term COVID-19 or "long-haulers" will soon be a Target for the Challenge, which you can read about in many places on this site. Perhaps best starting here.


So have a look, and let us encourage you to take the Questionnaire if you are a long-hauler especially, but anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 of any duration can contribute usefully.
Here is a WebLink which you can copy below and share.
To go directly to the Questionnaire, click here. <<<<<<<
It is accessible on a separate page on this site as well. Click here for our Questionnaire page.
If QR codes can be of use to you for accessing the Questionnaire, use this one :   


And thanks.

Your responses will help, and in many ways.




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